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With the knowledge accumulated supplying specials for over 30 years, and with the very best connections to Chinese factories, giving you Hassle-Free service from start to finish.

Uwe DeWinter

Managing Director

Uwe started working in the container business from the early 80’s producing special containers for leasing companies.


Working initially with factories in Europe, Japan, Korea, South Africa. Then in the 1990’s with Chinese factories, helping them to understand design requirements and being aware that each design needs CSC Certification.


CeX (Hong Kong) Limited was founded in 2005, providing top of the range, quality specialized designed containers at competitive prices. Many being supplied to Armed Forces (Europe and USA).



China (Main Number): +86 1381 712 9060
UK: + 44 782777 4909
HKG: + 852 9440 5668


James Brucklacher

Manager - CeX USA

Experience: Engineering & supervision on shelter / container related products.


Background, prior experience:

Have extensive experience with mobile systems (communications, command and control centers, hospitals, kitchens, housing etc.) for mobile international operations, worked with customers to design systems. Have designed the  electrical systems, mechanical parts, and EMI/RFI requirements to be installed into these systems. Was involved in preliminary design on  shelter/container  systems. Created required drawings, issued parts lists, wrote assembly instructions and repair procedures.

Worked with field teams giving engineering support and supervision for repairs or setup of shelter systems locally and worldwide. Managed workshops required to build, maintain these systems, employing over 170 people.


Was a member of the ASTM (AMERICAN STANDARDS for TESTING and MANUFACTURING) for shelter manufacture.

Based in Sacramento . USA: 916-202-3182

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