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Quality Control, Shipping & Design

Quality Control

We provide rigorous quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, using Independent Quality Control companies on each and every one of our productions. Our appointed QC companies ensure each aspect is produced correctly, having the power to stop the line and will issue final “Technical Acceptance Certificates”. You will receive Daily QC reports by email, detailing progress, problems in writing with relevant photographs.


Each factory has ISO 9001 accreditation. Modern manufacturing facilities.


All our specials are built by factories selected by us to ensure the special designs we deal with can be produced correctly at the right Quality. All our units will come with valid CSC certification.

CHXU 65 series - Finished Army units.jpg
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Design Consultation Service

Bespoke designed “special” containers. Built exactly to the agreed specifications, this being controlled and managed by our appointed independent QC staff, who work closely with the factory QC and line workers.


Over 25 years experience in container design, working with factories in Europe, Japan, Korea, South Africa and China.


As part of our “One-Stop-Shopping Service” and part of our ‘Full service’ supply management we arrange shipping during production so that the containers can be shipped immediately once Final acceptance by our own QC people has been given.


Shipped worldwide to any nominated port, using Conference Carriers with regular schedules and reliable delivery times.

A Port Worker
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