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About Us

CeX (HKG) Limited – ISO Marine Special container supplier, all with full CSC approval. Specials are based on Refrigerated, Insulated, Tank, DNV Offshore and Bulk container styles. Besides ordinary container use, we have supplied a large number of containers to a number of Environmental companies and the Armed Forces (in Europe and the US). Providing design to the finished product, and finally to buyer’s nominated port using major Conference Container Carriers.

We evaluate each special design requested to make sure it will pass all required ISO/ CSC tests in the first instance.  Once confirmed, after go ahead is given, we arrange to build a prototype for all the required tests, under QC supervision providing you with daily QC reports.

We have built specials in China for over 25 years, using “hand-picked” factories that can build to your full requirements, always with CSC Certification. However, if required we can build Non-ISO design in line with customer requirements, as long as these can be shipped with existing container fleet types (Dry boxes, Flat Racks etc.). Providing hassle free service from start to finish.

Made-to-Measure Containers

Your Requirements

We build the basic design “tailored” to your requirements, so you can complete the finished product.

Fixing Points & More

Fit your machinery, tool, systems easily (we supply the units with the fixing points etc. you need).


We can also upgrade our products, for example, we have built insulated EMI shielded containers which became complete communication stations.


DNV / Small Containers

NON - ISO containers

Cargo Ship at Sea

CeX (HKG) ISO Marine Special Container Supplier

Why Choose Us

25+ Years of Experience

Rigorous Quality Control Checks

Certified Professional Traders

Over 2,000 Satisfied Clients

Full Service Supply Management

Constantly Evolving

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